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Cleaning And Restoration

Gravestone Cleaning

Being headquartered in Salem, MA, O’Rourke Bros. Memorials is surrounded by old burial grounds with gravestones older than the country itself.  As cemeteries age, the need for gravestone preservation and restoration work becomes evident.  Many gravestones are so old and worn that the inscriptions on them are barely legible.  Others have been broken or vandalized.  Depending on the type of restoration needed, O’Rourke Bros. Memorials has the know-how and expertise to handle any cemetery restoration or preservation project.  Local cities, towns, historical societies and individuals have relied on us to restore important memorials and gravestones for future generations.


Modern gravestones are typically made from granite which is impervious to chipping, flaking and most types of deterioration, however older cemeteries may have monuments made out of slate, sandstone, marble or limestone.  Depending on the nature of the deterioration, different techniques may be used.  Sometimes, techniques that would be perfectly safe for a modern granite memorial would further destroy an older monument.  A careful approach is important before any steps are taken to clean an old memorial.


We’ve been commissioned to restore entire family lots, historical town monuments, and individual headstones where numerous preservation techniques may be required.  Generally, all gravestone restoration projects involve some type of cleaning, however more advanced restoration techniques may be necessary in some cases.  If a gravestone is broken in a few large pieces, sometimes pinning with a threaded steel rod is the best solution.  Other times, epoxy may be used to join a broken stone.  Our expert craftsmen are helping to restore and preserve our cemeteries well into the 21st century.

Restoration and Preservation 

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