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Cemetery Lettering & Inscriptions, Engraving

We specialize in the details involved in adding additional names and dates to existing memorials.  Our service is quick and efficient because we do the work ourselves.  “Rush Service” is also available.

Adding names and dates to a headstone demands attention to details that the customer may not notice.  Duplicating existing lettering fonts is a specialized art.  The new name being added has to look exactly like the existing ones.  O’Rourke Brothers Memorials’ in-house capability to do cemetery lettering and inscriptions produces excellent results.  We are experts, with years of of experience at duplicating any lettering style that we come across.

In addition to cemetery lettering we can cut your address on a boulder to be placed at the head of your driveway, or signposts with the number of your residence.  Lettering can be cut into concrete, glass, benches, etc.  If you have any ideas we’d be happy to discuss them.