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Upright Monuments & Headstones

At O’Rourke Bros. Memorials and Abate Monuments, all our headstones are made from granite.  Granite is the only stone that is strong enough to last for eternity.  Granite comes in many different colors, depending on the region and quarry.  We carry colors from all around the world, as well as granites that are quarried locally in Barre, Vermont.

The public’s opinion on gravestone design has changed over the years to reflect different generational attitudes about death, burial, and grieving practices.  A hundred years ago, it would have been unheard of to include worldly symbols such as golf clubs or a motorcycle on a tombstone, while today these types of symbols and designs are widely used to reflect the deceased’s interests and passion for life.  We have designed monuments displaying the accoutrements of family businesses, sports teams, pastimes and hobbies, all while maintaining a reverent and tasteful approach.  Today, there are few limits to what we can create in granite using different techniques such as sandblasting, shape carving, hand carving, and etching.  Although the industry has changed along with our customers’ taste and choices, our mission has remained the same.  We maintain that the most lasting memorial is one which honors the deceased in a thoughtful and personal way, with the utmost attention to detail and design.  Whether it is a religious icon, a simple floral motif, or a scene design of the Marblehead Light Tower at Chandler Hovey Park, our memorials exhibit the highest quality and craftsmanship there is to offer.

Our upright headstone and gravestone portfolio will give you a general idea of the tremendous variety of memorials available. We have polished memorials, smooth memorials, memorials with raised panels, memorials with flat tops and exaggerated serpentine tops, as well as modern shapes. Expert in-house drafting and designing will help you create the perfect reflection of your feelings. We can duplicate or modify any design you have seen elsewhere or in the cemetery.  Bring us your photos and ideas for your customized memorial. At O’Rourke Bros. Memorials and Abate Monuments, we can guide you through the design process and assist you in creating a tasteful monument that will last for eternity.

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