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Granite Grave Markers

Flat grave markers can be the central memorial on a lot or be placed at the foot of the grave in addition to an upright memorial.  The size of a flat grave marker depends on the cemetery’s guidelines, however the most common size is a 2’ x 1’ flat granite marker.  We have hundreds of designs to choose from, as well as many colors in stock.  Flat grave markers can be heavily ornamented or plain depending on the family’s wishes. Commonly, a flat grave marker is used for one or two names, however we have designs that are suitable for up to four burials. All our flat grave marker designs are created in-house and are carved by our master craftsmen at our headquarters in Salem, MA.  Most features and designs that you find on our upright memorial designs can just as easily be used on a flat grave marker.  As we treat every memorial as one-of-a-kind, you’ll receive a scale proof of the marker before anything is cut in stone.

Other Types Of Flat Grave Markers

An extra-large flat grave marker placed lengthwise over a grave is usually referred to as a ledger.  These can be incredibly ornate and may have a molding or other architectural element along the edge.  Some ledger memorials are created with a shallow rise to be more easily viewed.

Corner posts are another example of a flat grave marker, or “flush marker”.  In some cemeteries, corner posts are required to designate the boundaries of a family grave site.  Corner posts are always made of granite and are usually 6” x 6” in size.  Usually, corner posts are created with the Initial of the family name and can be cut in any color to match the upright memorial.

Flat markers can also be an economical way of memorializing a pet.  We can create a flat marker in almost any size suitable for placing inside a garden or beside a tree.

Whatever you decide , O’Rourke Brothers Memorials and Abate Monuments can customize your design to reflect your memories in a very special way.