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Bronze Grave Markers

24X14 Rockedge Grapevine v_71054278O’Rourke Brothers Memorials and Abate Monuments have been providing bronze markers for years and are experts in guiding you through the process of choosing a design.  Some cemeteries only allow bronze grave markers; we have a broad knowledge of all the local cemeteries and their rules and regulations.  We also provide companion markers for the spouse of a veteran who may have a bronze veteran marker.  We have a showroom with actual bronze markers on display.  You can see a selection of reasonably priced options in an indoor climate-controlled environment.  Instead of ordering out of a catalog, you can see for yourself the different memorials that we offer.

Bronze markers and plaques can be created in almost any size and shape.  Most commonly, they are rectangular and are drilled and tapped for 2 name plates and dates. Many cemeteries that require bronze plaques will also allow a bronze vase for flowers. We offer a variety of different border styles and vase designs, as well as the largest library of emblems and lettering styles.

In addition to flush bronze memorials, we are also experts in creating bronze plaques for cremorials, columbariums and crypts.  We’ve also created bronze pet memorials and plaques.  We work with the top bronze manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the best quality bronze memorials at the best price.

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